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Get into Golf

 Explore and discover golf in an untapped playground.

Come and join us at Mill Green Golf Club with friends and family. These sessions will keep you physically active, encourage creative thinking, inventiveness and playfulness in a safe fun filled environment.  Sessions includes... introduction to the golf club, regular fun filled sessions learning new skills, all equipment supplied.

Session's link into ongoing opportunities for you to continue golf in your own time and at your own pace and are aimed at keeping you active, feeling great and wearing confidence with style.


4 x 1 Hour Taster Course

just £50

Play with Friends...

Golf is an individual game that's awesome played together. Regardless of your age, abilities or experience, you can enjoy golf with friends and family progressing in your own way, at your own pace, while sharing the laughs, fun and journey together.

Fun & Active Sessions...

Playing golf is not only fun but a great way to keep active.  Golf can seem like a passive sport that doesn't require any real degree of fitness.  In reality, golf increases cardiovascular exercise, contributes to strength training and improves balance and coordination.

Learning New Skills...

As you play and enjoy learning new skills, golf will not only help increase blood flow to the brain through physical activity but will also keep your brain stay sharp through encouraging creativity, coordination, concentration and other cognitive abilities.   

Green Space Exposure...

Being out it in the fresh air, socialising, keeping active and having fun is a great way to boost your mood and morale while improving self esteem and sense of wellbeing.  Golf provides the perfect environment for a healthy, social and fun activity.

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Come and join me at Mill Green Golf Club and give golf a go.  A fun-filled activity for all, with fantastic physical and mental health benefits.  Golf offers huge diversity of venues, environments & social interaction opportunities that can be shared across the world. 

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