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Operation 36

When first learning to play golf it can be a frustrating journey. I believe there should be a clear path from your first rounds to becoming a skilled golfer. That's why I believe Operation 36 is the best program for introducing and progressing golfers in playing the game of golf

I am so excited to share with you news of a new partner I have been working with during lock down. I am delighted to announce I am one of only 4 coaches in the UK signed up as an Operation 36 Academy Coach and that Mill Green Golf Club is officially an Operation 36 facility. Together we plan to change the way golf is learnt for beginners using my experience and the Operation 36 Program.

I believe Operation 36 is the best and most effective program to teach beginners and young golfers to learn how to play golf. It offers a clear blueprint of how to go from complete novice to par golfer. The lessons are based around playing on the course right away and moving up through divisions.

One of the coolest reasons to sign up to the Operation 36 program is the app you get access to! Train and track progress, reward and celebrate successes, easy communication & feeling part of a team. This is a space you can use for yourself and your family to start up and scale up a new interest, passion and spark for golf.

Whether you are a new or experienced golfer who wants to find a fun and social way to improve your game then sign up for a free online orientation session where I can take you through the programme and you can ask any questions.

I’m super excited to deliver this programme and have set up some Women & Girl's FREE online orientation sessions. 

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